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Course Syllabus – X341 Guitar Ensemble

Course:  X341 Semester: Spring 2007

Instructor:  Laura Lydy  Office:  CM 33  Phone:  481-0479 
Email:  Class meeting time & location:  arranged

Description:  Guitarists receive coaching in duet, trio, and quartet ensembles.  Provides students the opportunity to perform with other guitarists as well as with other instrumentalists/vocalists.

Prerequisites:  Consent of the instructor is necessary for all students enrolling in the ensemble.  Students must demonstrate knowledge of classical guitar technique, be able to read music, and have the proper instrument (a quality classical guitar in good working order.)

Materials and Concert Dress:  Scores will be distributed by the instructor.  Each student is expected to have formal attire for the recital performance.  Gentlemen are expected to wear a dark colored suit (preferable black), white shirt, and dark solid tie.  Ladies may wear a long black dress, black dress slacks and blouse or dark suit.  All ensemble students must purchase their own low-rise music stand.  Model: KM 10065BK (see instructor before purchasing)

Course requirements:  Members of the ensemble will be arranged in duet, trio, or quartet groups.  Each group will meet once a week with the instructor and once a week by themselves without direction of the instructor.  Each meeting will last one hour.  All students will participate in a recital given at the end of the semester.

Course objectives:  X341 is intended to prepare the student for ensemble playing.  Many times the classical guitarist is limited to playing primarily solo works.  However, learning how to be a viable part of a performing ensemble is an invaluable tool in preparing oneself for becoming a professional musician.  This course also focuses on all aspects of performing in a formal concert situation.

 Attendance:    The student is expected to be at all rehearsals.  More than three missed rehearsals could result in a failing grade.  If the student shows up for class unprepared or without all the required materials the student will receive a failing grade for that class meeting.  If the student misses a performance for any reason the student will fail the course.

Grading:  Grades are determined on an accumulation of weekly grades.  Grades will primarily be based upon attendance and preparation for each rehearsal.


Recital - Mid-America Guitar Ensemble Festival - March 23-25

(All ensemble students must be present for the entire festival)