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Department of Music

MUSZ101 Course Syllabus
Music for the Listener

Semester:  Fall 2006
Meeting time and location:  Mondays 6:00 – 8:45 p.m.  Off-campus location:  Stucky Brothers, Coldwater Rd. Fort Wayne, IN
Credit hours:  3
Professor:  Laura Lydy
Office:  CM 33  Phone:  (260) 481-0479  Email:
Office hours:  by appointment

Course Description: - An introduction to the elements of music and a historical survey of the way those elements have been used in various types of musical compositions.  For non-music majors.

Textbook and materials: 

  1. Kamien, Roger. (2002) Music:  An Appreciation, (5th Brief Ed.)  Boston:   McGraw-Hill Co., 456 pp.
  2. A Brief set of four CD recordings that accompany text.

Handouts and suggested readings will be distributed throughout the semester.  These readings will provide supplementary material to the text.  Handouts will also serve as study guides for exam preparation.

General Overview:

            The primary focus of Z101 is to acquaint the student with Art Music in the Western World.  Throughout the semester the student will study different artistic genres and works from representative historical periods and cultures.  The various musical periods will be presented in historical order:  Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, Romantic and Twentieth Century.  Please note: the scope of this course primarily focuses on classical music, not popular genres.

Course Objectives:

  1. To gain an appreciation for art music through acquiring perceptive listening and analytical skills.
  2. To become familiar with the primary orchestral instruments and vocal types.
  3. To acquire knowledge about the elements of music, such as pitch, melody, rhythm, harmony, formal structure, etc.
  4. To be able to recognize specific examples of various genres and stylistic characteristics from each of the musical periods presented.
  5. To become familiar with the terminology and vocabulary of the subject.
  6. To be able to respond to the subject of art music in a coherent and knowledgeable fashion.
  7. To cultivate an awareness and understanding of the intricacies and complexities of the musical art form.  Thus, acquiring a meaningful approach to listening and appreciating music of all cultures and genres.

Course Requirements:

Attendance – Students are expected to be at all class meetings.  No more than three absences are allowed in accordance with the Music Department Policy.  After the third absence the student’s grade will drop one letter with each subsequent absence.  All students are expected to arrive on time.  Excessive tardiness or leaving the class early will be accrued as an absence.  If a student must miss a class it is not necessary to contact the instructor.  The instructor will not be available to go over an entire missed class session with the student.  It is advisable to arrange with another classmate to get notes for the unattended session.

All exams will be held on announced dates.  If the student cannot attend an exam, the instructor must be notified prior to the exam date.  Only students who have an excused absence will be allowed to reschedule an exam.  Only doctor’s excuses or emergencies will constitute an excused absence.

Assignments/class participation – Students will be expected to complete weekly reading and listening assignments.  This will prepare the student for any unannounced pop quizzes.   It will also allow for greater class participation in discussion and command of the material covered.

Exams – Exam format will consist of two parts:  written and listening.  Answers will be multiple choice or short answer.  Listening examples will be drawn only from examples covered in class.

Concert Attendance Reports – Students must attend four classical concerts throughout the semester and write an analytical report for each concert.   A list of approved concerts will be distributed to the class.  All concerts attended must be classical music concerts (as this is the scope of the class).  If you are uncertain about whether a given concert will be accepted or not, consult with the instructor to be sure.   Handouts will be provided as to the criteria for the reports.


Grading procedure:
            Exams – 4 x 20%                                           = 80%
            Concert reports 5% each x 4                        = 20%

Grading scale

    1. =A
    2. =B
    3. =C
    4. =D

59 – below       =F

Exam and assignment schedule:

Test 1               September 25  
Test 2               Oct. 30           
Test 3               November 27  
Test 4               December 18
Concert reports            1&2     November 27
Concert reports            3&4     December 11
We will try to adhere to this schedule as closely as possible, in the event the class should get off schedule, new dates will be given well in advance.

Please note: If you are having difficulty with this course and need individual attention, the instructor is available by appointment.  Please see me after class or email me to set up a meeting time.  It is preferred that you contact me by email rather than by phone if at all possible.

Class will not meet on the following dates:


September 4 – Labor Day
October 9 – Fall Break

This class follows the same schedule as IPFW on-campus classes.  If IPFW cancels classes then class will also not meet at this off-campus site.