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IPFW Division of Music
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Course Syllabus

Course:  L200   Semester:  Fall 2006

Instructor:  Laura Lydy   Office:  CM 33    Phone:  481-0479 - studio   Email: Class meeting time & location:  arranged

Description:  L200 is for (a) music major candidates (guitar concentration) who have not yet met minimum audition requirements and are seeking admission to the program, (b) music majors who choose guitar as a secondary instrument.  This course meets individually.  L200 may be taken for two semesters.

Prerequisites:  L200 should have prior playing experience on guitar or other instrument.

Instruments:  Guitar concentration candidates must have a nylon-string classic guitar. Students taking L200 as a secondary instrument may use a classical guitar or steel-string acoustic. The instructor must approve all instruments.

Course requirements:  The student will be required to perform about four pages of material per week from the assigned text.  Additional requirements for each L200 student are determined on a case-by-case basis according to the student’s previous study, interests, type of guitar and academic objectives.  The student will be apprised of the additional requirements at the beginning of the semester.

 Required materials:
            Text:  Classic Guitar Technique, Vol. I by Aaron Shearer
            footstool, metronome, notebook, blank CD-R

            The instructor will determine other materials as needed.

Course objectives:
The main objectives in this course are to teach the student fundamentals of classic guitar technique, build reading skills and acquaint the student with the repertory of the classic guitar literature.

Listening CD:  In addition to learning concepts in playing the guitar it is important for the music major candidate to become familiar with the literature of the classic guitar.  The student will responsible for identifying material on a CD.  (The instructor will provide the material for the CD)

Attendance:  The student is expected to be at all classes. More than two absences in the class will lower the final grade by one letter per absence. If the student shows up for the class unprepared or without all the required materials the student will receive a failing grade for that class meeting.

Practice:    When treated as a serious instrument, as it will be in this class, the guitar demands consistent, conscientious study.  To make adequate progress, the L200 student must practice a minimum of six hours per week.  More practice may be necessary depending on the student’s background, aptitude and academic goals.  In the lesson, the student is expected to be able to perform all assigned material in the correct rhythm, maintain a consistent tempo, and use proper technique.

Grades:  Grades will be determined by attendance and student’s command of the material covered:

Playing test # 1 : 1st week of October
Playing test # 2 :  1st week of November
Listening test: TBA – 10%
Final:  TBA – 25%

In addition to the examinations the student will be evaluated according to his or her overall performance in the course and is given a grade at the conclusion of each session. (15%)