Salvete, discipuli!

Wyse clerekis, 3e beo wulcume!

Greetings, students!


Someone volunteer to read this out, in your best Dr. Fleming voice:


I am a little sick.

Kinda sick, but not so bad, but I dont want to get worse, so I am going to talk as little as possible today

(what!? Me!? Not talk!?)


So Ill mostly be directing class through pantomime. But you all will help each other out when necessary.

If anyone has a question, Id like someone else on the class to do their best to answer it.





Make a nice happy circle with the chairs. Make it really nice, so everyone can see everyone elses faces.




Whats up for Monday?


RECITATION ! ! ! ! ! ! !

One more practice, just youse guys.





Once you are settled, everyone introduce themselves, one at a time. Let us know whos your project partner and which pilgrim you are investigating.




Get out your book.

Glance through the reading.




Everyone find/think of:


1 Passage worth examining.

1 Question you have.

1 Point youd like to share.


Make a note of each of these. Well get to everyone. Once we do, well get the heck out of here.