HEL Extra Credit One:


Value: one quiz grade, /20

(I will add one quiz grade, worth 20 points, to your cumulative average of quiz grades)



Go through each of our supplemental reading assignments (McWhorter, Curzan, and the Do you speak American stuff), and evaluate its worth in two or three sentences.  The main thing I'm looking for is, should I use this particular article when I teach HEL again?  Why / Why not?


When putting this together, you may certainly borrow from what you may have already stated in your wiki entries.


If you choose to do this, it's due printed, in class, on Tuesday, March 16.


What we've read so far: (extra credit will only be given for students who evaluate EVERY one of these):


McWhorter Introduction, ch 1, and ch 2


McWhorter ch 3, ch 5


Anne Curzan“Says Who? Teaching and Questioning the Rules of Grammar,” PMLA 124.3 (2009): 870–879.


The Power of Slang


Like, Quote Me: Like Quotative — a Part of English Grammar Now?  


Campus Talk


The Truth About Change,


Language & Society,


Language Myth #21: Americans are Ruining English

Richard Branson story



State of American: What is 'Correct' Language?

The Decline of Grammar