Salvete, discipuli!

Wyse clerekis, 3e beoĢ wulcume!

Greetings, students!


Someone volunteer to read this out, in your best Dr. Fleming voice:


I am a little sick.

Kinda sick, but not so bad, but I donít want to get worse, so I am going to talk as little as possible today

(what!?Me!?Not talk!?)


So Iíll mostly be directing class through pantomime.But you all will help each other out when necessary.

If anyone has a question, Iíd like someone else on the class to do their best to answer it.



Whatís up for Friday?"

Synopsis/quiz.Letís do it on the boards.


These still need work, which is okay, as long as you are doing the work.


Reading: Hand in written out version.Letís read and translate.