Myth 2010: Extra Credit

DUE by Thursday, April 29

You must submit via email


Below are 2 separate OPTIONAL assignments.You may choose to do either, both, or none.Attempting either of these cannot hurt your grade; however, handing something in does not guarantee extra credit.

The maximum value of each of these is a 10/10 averaged into your paper grade


EXTRA Credit 1: Design a project or paper assignment for this class.

Perhaps you donít love writing Explications?What would you have preferred to have done?Help future students of this class by creating an assignment.You donít have to do the assignment, just write up a DETAILED assignment sheet, and then some notes on what you think doing the project might be like.

In particular, you might think about a potential project or assignments for this course if it were offered as an INTERNET course.Any feedback on your (negative and positive) experiences with internet courses and how they might apply to this course would be welcomed.


EXTRA Credit 2: Write a Final Exam for this semester

Design and write a complete final exam for this second half of the semester.Assume students will be using the list of Final Terms as a study guide.You may follow the format that I used for the midterm, but do not have to.In fact, I would be very curious to see how you might envision a completely different exam.