Myth 2010: Thesis Statements ! ! ! ! !


·       This description of Enkidu’s taming found in the story of Gilgamesh shows that, while the presence of women negatively affects me, their presence is also necessary for men’s civilized existence.


·       This excerpt from Euripides Heracles Insane, circa 416 BC, exemplifies the duality of Heracles in Greek myth; often he is full of brute strength and kills monstrous creatures, but in other instances he is the unstoppable monster.


·       This passage from the Mesopotamian poem, “The Epic of Gilgamesh” tells of the transformation of Enkidu from the wild man who shared the life of the beasts living ion the wilderness, into a civilized man of discernment, after having his lust satisfied by a woman.


·       In this excerpt from the Illiad, written around 700 BC, Homer is giving a warning about boastful actions without first thinking about them.