DUE ****TYPED**** in Class Tuesday, Feb 15


Explicate ONE of the following passages.

Identify the work it's from, the author, the rough time period (50% of the grade).

What is the particular significance of this passage?


All papers will begin with a clear, unambiguous thesis statement (here are some good examples from last year), which makes a clear argument which will be defended in the paper.


Type your essay, no more than a single page double spaced, and hand it in at the beginning of class on Thursday, Feb 15


PASSAGEs (choose one):



I wish

I had nothing to do with this fifth generation,

Wish I had died before or been born after,

Because this is the Iron Age.

Not a day goes by

A man doesn’t have some kind of trouble.



– OR –



The Messenger-God, Slayer of Argus, replied: ‘Lord Apollo, Far-Shooter, three times as many inescapable links could hold me, and you gods could be watching, and yes, all the goddesses too, if only I might sleep with golden Aphrodite.’

          At this, laughter rose from the group of immortal gods. But Poseidon was unsmiling, and kept begging Hephaestus, the master craftsman, to set Ares free, speaking with winged words: ‘Set him free, and I promise what you ask, that he’ll pay what’s owed in the presence of the deathless gods.’