Typed Response 1 EXPLICATION

DUE date: Thursday, Feb. 11

In a brief, polished, concise essay of 1–2 pages (double spaced) explicate the follow passage.  Your essay MUST contain the following information:


Identify the work it's from, the author, the rough time period.  Explain what is it saying, how does it fit in with the immediate context, how does it contribute meaning to the work as a whole?  Finally – what importance does it have for your general study of myth?  Why does the ancient author tell us this?  Why does this ancient author choose the specific details he chooses?

All papers MUST answer all of these questions.  Outstanding papers will answer all of these questions in smooth, concise, polished prose, with additional quotations where necessary.  Outstanding papers will not read like a laundry list of the required information.

Include the passage you are explication at the top of your paper (single spaced, in smaller font if extra space is needed), as well as the PAGE number where the quotation is found in our textbook.

Your audience is ME and other members of the class.  As a result, don’t spend too much time on summary.  Assume we’ve read the textbook, and are familiar with the same basic information.  Summarize aspects of the larger story which are essential to your argument.



“You stupid rustic shepherds, bellies and nothing more,

we are the ones who can tell you lies that look like truth.

We can also, if we please, proclaim what indeed is true.”