Myth Spring 2010                                                   Due Tuesday, March 30


Typed Response 4:


Choose one of the following passages to explicate.  Type the passage at the head of your paper, and give the PAGE number in the textbook which it comes from.


Now, explicate the passage, as we have done before; that is:


Identify the work it's from, the author, the rough time period.  Explain what is it saying, how does it fit in with the immediate context, how does it contribute meaning to the work as a whole?  Finally – what importance does it have for your general study of myth?  Why does the ancient author tell us this?  Why does this ancient author choose the specific details he chooses?


All papers should answer all of these questions.  Outstanding papers will answer all of these questions in smooth, concise, polished prose, with additional quotations where necessary (which will be references with line numbers).


·       He saw what was hidden, he disclosed the undisclosed.
He brought back a story of times before the flood
He went on a long journey.  He was wearied, he rested.
Everything he did he engraved on a monument made of stone.



·       Enkidu was lessened, he could not run so fast.
Yet he had acquired discernment, was wiser.



·       Do you dare, Olympian, to swear me a great and terrible promise,
that the child, descending today between the knees of his mother,
human, but your own blood, is destined to rule the regions?



·       The frightened children rushed, now here, now there.
One sought his terror-stricken mother's skirts,
one hugged a pillar's all too slender shade,
one fledgling trembled at the altar’s side.