Sources of Classical Mythology:

Mycenaean Period/Late Bronze Age 1600-1050 BCE

                Linear B tablets


Dark Age 1050-750 BCE

                No surviving records


1.       The Archaic Period 750–479 BCE / 8th-7th century BCE

a.       Homer (c.750 - 700 BC)

                                                               i.      Iliad

                                                             ii.      Odyssey

b.      Hesiod (c. 700):

                                                               i.      Theogony

                                                             ii.      The Works and Days

c.       Homeric Hymns

                                                               i.      Homer Hymn to (fill in the god)


2.       Classical Period: 479–323 BCE / 5th-4th century BCE

a.       Playwrights:

                                                              i.      Aeschylus (525-456 BCE)

1.       The Oresteia:

a.       Agamemnon

b.      The Libation Bearers

c.       The Eumenides

2.       Prometheus Bound

                                                            ii.      Sophocles (c. 496-406 BCE)

1.       Theban Plays:

a.       Oedipus the King

b.      Oedipus at Colonnus

c.       Antigone

2.       Women of Trachis (Death of Heracles)

                                                          iii.      Euripides (c. 484-406 BCE)

1.       Heracles Insane

2.       Medea

3.       The Bacchae

b.      Philosopher:

                                                              i.      Plato (428-348 BCE)

1.       The Republic

2.       The Symposium


3.       Hellenistic Period 323BCE – 30 CE / 4th BCE - 3rd CE

Hellenistic Mythography

You must be able to identify these texts as Hellenistic

a.       (Pseudo)-Apollodorus (2nd century CE ?)

                                                               i.      Library—a retelling of just the guts of myths

b.      Lucian (2nd century CE)

                                                              i.      Dialogues

Actually Hellenistic:

c.       Apollonius of Rhodes (3rd BCE)

                                                               i.      Argonautica


4.       Roman Period 31 BCE – 400 CE All the texts are 1st century BCE – 1st century CE; “Year 0”

a.       Vergil (70-19 BCE ):

                                                              i.      Aeneid

                                                            ii.      Georgics

b.      Ovid (43 BC – 17 CE):

                                                              i.      Metamorphoses

c.       Statius (c. 45– 96 CE):

                                                               i.      Thebaid

                                                             ii.      Achilleid