Peer Evaluation

Each project must be evaluated WITHIN a week of its presentation (from here on in)

You will hand in a print out of all your Peer Evaluations to me on Nov. 29

Each student will read carefully and formally evaluate each of your classmates wiki-projects.  You will write a paragraph review of the entry and provide a letter grade.  Login anonymously and post your evaluations onto our wiki in the comments section of the appropriate box, and also hand into me a typed collection of all your evaluations (so I can give you credit for your work).End each evaluation with a letter grade (AĖF).


Thoughts on Peer evaluating:

You do not need to an expert on Middle English to evaluate each otherís work.  On the contrary, everyone should write their project with their classmates in mind as an audience.  You should seek clarity without condescension.  When evaluating, clarity should be one of your primary criteria.  Can you follow the student-authorís explanations?  Is the student-author providing information at a level appropriate to this class?  Secondly, evaluators should feel free to consider the perceived effort put forth in preparing the project.  Is it clearly written, and free from basic typographical errors?  Is it interesting and well researched?  Has the author seemed to minimally follow the assignment, matched the assignment appropriately, or perhaps gone above and beyond the expectations of the assignment?  Feel free to mentally compare your peersí projects with your own.

You are primarily evaluating each otherís written work, but you may also take the class presentation into consideration, especially if it was particularly good.

Also feel free to investigate any suspicious wording.  If you find that one of your peers appears to have plagiarized, let us know.  Itís often a good idea to directly compare a peerís work with Wikipedia to see if they have taken the easiest way out.