DUE in Class Friday, Sept 17


Explicate the following passage.  Your essay should contain the following information:

Identify the work it's from, the author, the rough time period (50% of the grade).  Explain what is it saying, how does it fit in with the immediate context, how does it contribute meaning to the work as a whole?  You might want to mention the characters involved and give some basic summary, but avoid lengthy or unnecessary summary.  Your audience is your fellow students; that is, people who have done the same reading you have done.  Don’t retell a story they already know; just remind them of it.  Finally – what importance does it have for your general study of myth?  Why does the ancient author tell us this?  Why does this ancient author choose the specific details he chooses?


All papers should answer these questions.  Outstanding papers will answer all of these questions in smooth, concise, polished prose, with additional quotations where necessary (which will be referenced with line numbers).


All papers will begin with a clear, unambiguous thesis statement (here are some good examples from last year), which makes a clear argument which will be defended throughout the paper.


Type your essay, no more than a single page double spaced, and hand it in at the beginning of class on Friday, Sept 17.




“Anger seethed in his lungs and bile rose to his heart

When he saw the ox’s white bones artfully tricked out.”