Ways to fail:

more than 3 absences

failure to submit any written assignment


text messaging in class


Engrave the following on your brain:

I do not accept any late work

Grade for late work: 0%, returned without comment

Computer mishaps are not an acceptable excuse.

This is the 21st century. Save frequently.

Give yourself plenty of time and leeway to get your work done and to deal with bumps in the road should they occur. Pretend, at least for this class, that you are operating in the real world.

Failure to submit any written assignment will result in a failing grade for the course


Typed Response 2: Explication Comments

·      Beware of “anything goes” interpretation

o  base all interpretation on the text

·      The road to hell is paved with totally completely unnecessarily used, utterly useless adverbs

·      Don’t conclude an essay with a quotation

o  this is your essay, not Barry Powell’s

·      Your thesis: must be a crystal clear argument

·      Do I like rhetorical questions? NO

·      Follow directions

o  passage on top

·      ”Thanksgiving is whack for several reasons.”

·      What does this passage mean (little m)

o  Do the gods decide “what is truth”?

o  “The power of truth is within them”

o  Do they turn false things into true things?

o  Is any of this true?

·      Are we really concerned about the truth content of any of this?  Does anyone think the Muses really visited this guy?

·      Use the text book.  Read the textbook.

·      When I ask rhetorical questions in my comments, the answer is almost certainly NO

o  “Necessary?” “Really?”

·      Wipe clean your preconceptions about myth

o  myth is not religion

o  myth is not (necessarily) a fable

o  there is not necessarily a moral