Pitch Play Project (2010)

This program is an acoustic illusion that I saw at a children's science museum.  It should install on a windows platform.  

What this program does is it play sounds that together form a musical scale (notes A through G).  However, it plays multiple A notes from multiple scales at equal intensities simultaneously; the same being true for notes B through G.  This makes it difficult to determine the relative pitch between one sound an another.  

To operate the program just move your mouse over a colored button and then left click.  This should produce a "note" until you release the left click button.  Try going around the circle of musical "note" buttons several times or even play simple songs (Frere Jacques, for example).  

To get this program click HERE to download the zip file.  Then remove the contents of the zip file to a normal folder (not a zip folder or compressed folder) on your computer.  Finally, double click on setup (setup.exe) and follow the steps from there.  The pitch play program will install and appear in your start menu..