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  2. Apparel
  3. Athletic Forms
  4. Athletic Scholarships
  5. Home Contest
  6. Individual Travel
  7. Cell Phones
  8. Professional Memberships
  9. Purchasing
  10. Rate Approvals
  11. Recruiting
  12. Team Budgets
  13. Team Travel
  14. Issuing and Collecting Equipment

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Travel Approval Process

  1. Complete the Request to Travel for a Team Contest/ Recruiting/ or Individual form
  2. Submit the completed to the Athletic Business Manager for approval
  3. If recruiting is involved in the trip, the Compliance Coordinator must also approve it
  4. An Account Clerk assigns a trip number to the approved request
  5. The account clerk determines if a form 17 is required based on the information provided
  6. If a form 17 is required, an Account Clerk may assist

Expense Payment Allowed for Traveler(s)

Event Registrations

Direct Billing

No direct billing of travel expenses - Policies of the university and outside funding sources typically require that public employees pick up their own expenses and be reimbursed afterwards. Direct billing could subject the .university to unallowable expenses.

Allowable Expenses

Payment of your expenses only - payments made on behalf of someone other than the traveler are impossible to track for reporting and auditing purposes and leave University accounts vulnerable to fraudulent claims.

Travel Purpose

Provide detailed purpose of travel - detail is required so that trips can be linked to the goals and guidelines of the funding account and thereby facilitate responsible stewardship of university-managed funds.

Travel Reimbursement


  1. Return from a trip
  2. Draft a formal reimbursement request including the actual departure and return dates and times (Dates and times on the Authorization form are estimates. Actual times MUST be provided for travel reimbursement
  3. Include any receipts for reimbursable expenses
  4. Include any per diem requests
  5. Per diem is determined by the location of University Business
  6. The first and last day of travel are always at partial (75%) per diem
  7. A traveler must be in travel status for at least 12 hours to be eligible for partial per diem
  8. A traveler must be in travel status for at least 16 hours to be eligible for full per diem
  9. Any meal receipts or provided meals are deducted from per diem
  10. Submit the request and receipts to the Account Clerk
  11. The Account Clerk completes a Form 25 Travel Reimbursement
  12. The Business Manager approves and the Form 25
  13. The traveler approves and signs the Form 25
  14. Return the signed form to the Account Clerk
  15. The Account Clerk copies the signed form and sends it to the Travel Desk in Accounting Services

Original receipts

Provide proof that travel actually took place and that no other institution is paying any portion of the travel costs reimbursed through the University.


Guidelines apply to all accounts and are set by the State Board of Accounts. Even when contract and grant account guidelines are more generous than state guidelines, the state guidelines must be applied.

If a P-Card is used to pay for meals while traveling, the total meal expense may not exceed the per diem rate for that day in that given location. For questions regarding the per diem rate, consult the Account Clerk or the CONUS web site.

Original, Itemized Hotel Folios

Reimbursements are for single room rate or for the prorated amount if the room was shared with a non-university traveler (i.e. spouse). Requiring payment of the single room rate ensures that each traveler is paid only for his or her portion of the room. Paying lodging separately avoids the confusion of accidental duplication of payment. Lodging receipts must show the bill was paid and include the following: name of company on official letterhead, name(s) of person(s) staying the room, dates, room rate/tax and address/phone number of the hotel.

Mileage Computation

Mileage reimbursement rates apply to all personal and courtesy vehicle use.

Mileage reimbursement is determined by the shortest distance from Fort Wayne to the Destination City or by actual odometer readings.

University Vehicles

University Vehicle (fleet or rental) are requested through the Transportation section of Campus Safety.

If a university vehicle is reservation request required, you may complete the Form 1 or request it on your travel authorization form. Unless stated, the Account Clerk will not request a reservation.

A minimum of twenty-four hours is required for a reservation request.

Meal Deductions

Subsistence is intended to cover actual expenses incurred for meals. When meals are provided by an external agency or person or included in registration fees they must be deducted from the per diem request.

Out of State Authorization

Prior authorization is required for any trips outside the state of Indiana. Prior authorization helps protect the traveler in case of accident and stipulates approved funding so that the traveler's financial liability is limited. Inform the Account Clerk of: dates of use, departure and return time, destination, and purpose (recruiting, scouting, etc.) with the Request to travel for a team contest/ recruiting/ or individual form as much in advance as you can. One exception has been made for athletics. If you are recruiting out of state and air travel is not involved you may submit your completed Request to Recruit form in place of Request to travel for a team contest/ recruiting/ or individual form.