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General Equipment and Apparel Policy

Ordering and Receiving of Equipment and Apparel

The process for ordering apparel and equipment will be as follows:

The process for receiving apparel and equipment will be as follows:

Initial Issue - Apparel/Equipment

Laundry Service - Practice Apparel

All athletes in those sports using the laundry service are responsible for turning in their daily practice apparel as follows:

Laundry Service - Game Apparel/Equipment

The issue of game day apparel/equipment shall follow one of the three formats below:

  1. Uniforms will be placed in the lockers before home and away competitions.
  2. Uniforms will be picked up by team members/managers before home and away competitions.
  3. Programs that do not utilize the laundry services of the equipment room will be responsible for washing these uniforms.

Final Return - Apparel/Equipment

All equipment and seasonal apparel items must be returned at the end of each season according to the guidelines below.