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Wetland  ppt   slides
The Power of Ten...Cool site
Space wander

Soil Science Course (U. of Minnesota)

Fall 2003

Rapidly expanding earth?

  "Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work." Thomas Edison

An interview with God...oustanding geologic pictures

Northern Indiana National Weather Service Weather Forecast

Underground weather....  For tWayne

IPFW weather station

Doppler Radar

Front End weather         Resources, Population and Climate Change

Kilauea: Mountain of Fire 

Landslide Portland Oregon..A must see from National  Geographic                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Italy 2010 Feb You Tube aerial view ... Ground level view ... view" incredibi" a longer of view
Rockslide CBS tape   CNN heavy rain triggers mudslde  Californian Mudflow                              From Japan 2004
 Guatermala Landslide video  USGS Landslide Photo collections  Berkeley Hills Landslide...good pictures and two line drawings

Radiometric Dating
Radometric Dating  from ...down (~7min) under                Radioactivity Decay (~9.5 min)simplified           Radiometric Dating (~10 min)101                             Radioactive decay Simple (~2 min) explanation                 US State Senator Earth 6.000 years  Huh?   Radiometric Dating age of thee Earth (~1.5 min)

Structures.... UK fold slide     Compressive YouTube video video... Structural Geology with Dr. Merrett (4:17 min) Why I became a geologist Marrett (1:11 min)

Newfoundland Folds Virtual field trip by R. W. Schlische... Structural Geology Rutger Univ.

EPA new online training module on Water Quality Standards