The research in my lab primarily focuses on the causes, dynamics, and consequences of positive and negative intergroup relations. Iím particularly interested in how person and situational variables jointly affect intergroup contact experiences, reactions to intergroup social dilemmas, intergroup perceptions and memories, intergroup emotions, and social identities.

I'm always on the lookout for energetic and motivated undergraduate research assistants. My RAs normally work in the lab 7 - 11 hours a week on a flexible schedule. Routine duties include managing the online research participation system, attending semi-regular lab meetings, keeping research materials organized, running research sessions, working with specialized software, coding interactions among participants, and managing the statistical data set. Depending on circumstances, you may also have the opportunity to contribute more substantially to the research project and to coauthor a presentation of the research findings. Research assistants must be responsible, reliable, diligent, and organized.You can obtain course credit for being an RA (PSY 496) or you can do it on a volunteer basis.


If you are interested or would like more information about being an RA in the Intergroup Relations Lab, feel free to contact me at