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Iím Dr. Jay Jackson, the director of the Intergroup Relations Lab at Purdue Fort Wayne. I am a social-personality psychologist. As a researcher, I am primarily interested in understanding the causes, dynamics, and consequences of positive and negative intergroup relations. This includes the following:


         Group-based prejudices and emotions

         Group stereotypes and beliefs

         Group-based discrimination

         Intergroup conflict and cooperation

         Intergroup social dilemmas

         Intergroup contact experiences

         Social or group identities

         Intergroup memory processes

         Other group-based thoughts, behaviors, and emotions


Much of research conducted in our lab is derived from social identity theory, intergroup contact theory, and group conflict theory. Somewhat uniquely, we routinely attempt to integrate theories of personality into our investigations (the five-factor theory primarily, but also the dark triad, authoritarianism, and social dominance orientation).


The research conducted in my lab is primarily experimental in nature. I normally have 3-8 undergraduate research assistants (RAs) working with me during any given semester. I take my role as a mentor seriously, and work hard to make the experience an enlightening one for the students in my lab. I mentor them through each phase of the research process, help them understand how to develop and conduct an empirical study, and how to disseminate the results. Students in my lab will get a lot of hands-on experiences. My goal is for students to gain valuable research skills, develop professional and friendly relationships, build up their vitas or resumes, and be better able to decide if a career in research is something that they may (or may not) wish to pursue.


I am always on the lookout for energetic and motivated undergraduate research assistants. My RAs normally work in the lab 7 - 11 hours a week on a flexible schedule. Routine duties include running research sessions, managing the online research participation system, attending lab meetings, keeping research materials organized, working with specialized software, typing in questionnaire items and working with research stimuli, collecting, reading, and summarizing key publications, coding certain types of data collected, managing statistical data sets, summarizing findings, creating tables and figures that display research findings.


Depending on circumstances, you may also have the opportunity to contribute more substantially to the research project and to coauthor a presentation of the research findings. Most, but not all, of my research assistants end up co-authoring and presenting at least one poster at a professional research conference.


Research assistants must be responsible, reliable, diligent, and organized. You can obtain course credit for being an RA (PSY 49600) or you can do it on a volunteer basis.


If you are interested or would like more information about being an RA in the Intergroup Relations Lab, donít hesitate to contact me at


Thank you!





Dr. Jay Jackson


Jay W. Jackson, Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Associate Editor, Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice

Consulting Editor, Group Processes and Intergroup Relations

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