S302 Hispanic World II F. Jehle

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Examen II - Repaso

There are a lot of poets and works to be able to associate together for the test, right? Well, you can learn them. You're welcome to ignore what appears next, but I offer it to you as a sample of memory tricks you could use:

  1. José Martí:

  2. José Asunción Silva:

  3. Rubén Darío:

  4. Amado Nervo:

  5. Antonio Machado:

  6. Juan Ramón Jiménez:

  7. Gabriela Mistral:

  8. César Vallejo:

  9. Vicente Huidobro:

  10. Juana de Ibarbourou:

  11. Federico García Lorca:

  12. Luis Palés Matos:

  13. Nicolás Guillén:

  14. Pablo Neruda:

  15. Gloria Fuertes:

  16. Octavio Paz:

  17. Ernesto Cardenal:

  18. Ana María Fagundo:

  19. Nancy Morejón:

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