S407 Survey of Spanish Literature I F. Jehle
Fall, 2002

Course Information

     The primary aim of the course is to give students a general knowledge of and appreciation for the principal authors, works, and movements of peninsular Spanish literature, from the beginnings of medieval Spanish literature (the Eleventh Century) up to the end of the Golden Age (the end of the Seventeenth Century).

     Secondary aims include the development of the students' ability to analyze a work of literature and to express themselves well in both spoken and written Spanish.

     To achieve these goals, we will read a number of literary works from Spain and discuss these works in class. Students are expected to read all assigned items before class, to attend all classes, and to participate actively in the discussion and analysis of the literary works. The classes will be conducted in Spanish. In addition to the regular classwork, students will be required to write a term paper in Spanish on a peninsular Spanish literary work not read in class and which dates from the same chronological period (1100-1700).

     The students' final grade in the course will be based on class participation (20%), term paper (20%), and the three scheduled tests (20% each). Specific authors/works covered in one test will not be re-tested in subsequent ones; however, a general knowledge of previously covered literary currents and techniques will be assumed in later tests.

Required textbook:   Antología de Autores Espanoles: Antiguos y Modernos, Vol. I , by A. Sánchez-Romeralo and Fernando Ibarra.

Grading scale:  100 to 90
B 89 to 80
C 79 to 70
D 69 to 60
F below 60

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