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Practice: The Subjunctive in Noun, Adverbial, and Adjectival Clauses

For each sentence, if it were to be translated into good Spanish, determine:

  1. If it contains a noun clause, an adverbial clause, or an adjectival clause.
  2. If it should use the subjunctive or indicative or infinitive if it does indeed have one of the above-mentioned clauses.


Noun, Adverbial,
or Adjectival
Noun / Adv / Adj / None

Subj. / indic. /
or infin.? S/Ind/Inf

1. I don't know when we can come to visit you. Oops - Indirect question  Indic
2. We met that new teacher you like.  Adj (definite/known antecedent)  Indic
3. I hope you didn't buy me anything for Valentine's day.  Noun (after expression of emotion)  Subj
4. Jorge didn't find any software that would work for us.  Adj (with negated antecedent)  Subj
5. Unless the kids help out, they won't get any allowance.  Adv (with anticipated action)  Subj
6. Do you have any CD's that feature Hispanic music?  Adj (with indefinite antecedent)  Subj
7. Don't tell me I need a new computer.  Noun (after verb of reporting)  Indic
8. Are you glad when you find mistakes?  Adv (with habitual action)  Indic
9. Can I ask you to do another favor for me?  Noun (after verb of influence/requesting)  Subj
10. Even if I knew the answer I wouldn't tell you.  Adv (with hypothetical action)  Subj
11. She won't wash any windows that are on outside walls.  Adj (with negated antecedent)  Subj
12. Do you have a dollar you can give me?  Adj (with indefinite antecedent)  Subj
13. When are you going to relax?  None  
14. Can I read the book you wrote?  Adj (with definite antecedent)  Indic
15. Is there any reason to keep on fighting?  None, but the there is an adverbial phrase  Infin
16. I want her to give me the money  I loaned her  as soon as she can.  Noun (after verb of influence), Adj (with definite antedecent), Adv (with anticipated action)  Subj / Indic / Subj

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