A Study of Don Quixote

By Daniel Eisenberg

1. Corrigenda for the 1987 edition.

2. Differences between the 1987 edition and the on-line edition of the work.

A Study of Don Quixote


[for the 1987 edition]


p. 4, n. 2, next to last line. Says "that," should say "those."
p. 7, line 1, says "361, 1," should say "362, 1."
p. 11, n. 31, line 4. Says "desseos," should say "dessos."
p. 13, n. 37. Says "See p. 8," should say "See p. 18."
p. 18, n. 46, line 7. Says "Miguel de Cervantes," should say "Miguel de Cervantes."
p. 21, n. 50, line 11. Says "Feêtes, " should say "Fêtes."
p. 29, n. 70, line 22, illegible words at left margin are "Santos de"
p. 30, n. 73, line 3, says "n. 93, infra," should say "n. 92, infra."
p. 60, n. 41, line 4, says "parodic," should say "burlesque."
p. 63, n. 55, line 7, says "p. 3," should say "p. 31."
pp. 80 and 81 should be renumbered 82 and 83.
pp. 82 and 83 should be renumbered 80 and 81.
p. 100,  n. 83, line 2, says "cavalleros;" should say "cavallerescos."
p. 110,  n. 3, line 2, says "p. 36," should say "p. 136."
p. 125,  n., line 11, says "ilustre," should say "illustre."
p. 142,  1st new paragraph, line 2, says "victtry, " should say "victory."
p. 148,  n. 164, line 4, says "The subject of progresssively increasing concealed," should say "The subject of progressively increasing discrimination in the sixteenth century, their religious origin was naturally concealed."
p. 151,  n. 167, n. 3, says "treati,se," should say "treatise."
p. 195,  n. 49 line 3. Says "Sancho, gobernador," should say "Sancho gobernador."
p. 207,  n. 4, first line of the note on that page. Delete the entire line.
p. 239,  under Herbers, says "Verháltnis," should say "Verhältnis."
p. 240,  under Immerwahr, first name should be "Raymond."
p. 248,  says "Neuschabfer," should say "Neuschäfer."
p. 255,  under Schlegel, says "Kobnigsberg, " should say "Königsberg."
p. 291,  right hand column, top line, says "Bernardo," should say "Bernardo."
p. 292,  under Avellaneda, the page number "88-" should be completed "88-89"
p. 295,  left hand column, line 7, says "Don Quixote," should say "Don Quixote."
p. 300,  left hand column, the reference for Mario Equicola is 124 n. 58.,
p. 303,  left hand column, says "Honestidad, " should say "Honestidad."
p. 309,  right hand column, 8 lines from bottom, says "most important," should say "more popular."

A sheet with the above information was included in most copies of most copies of the 1987 edition, on which the on-line version of the work is based. All of these items have been corrected in the on-line version.

Differences between the 1987 edition

and the on-line edition of

A Study of Don Quixote

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