About the Lab

We explore the factors that shape biological diversity at the levels of individuals, populations, and communities. Through investigation of environmental variation and fine-scale biogeography, we are interested in understanding variation in the demography and structure of populations, organismal traits (e.g. life history, morphology, and performance), and the composition of assemblages. To study these relationships we use an approach that combines characterization of genetic variation using molecular markers with fieldwork to describe ecological context. This mix allows for study of microevolutionary pattern and a scientific basis for species conservation. Most often, amphibians and reptiles are the organisms that capture our interest.


Environmental Resources Center (ERC)

The lab is involved in research, teaching, and outreach that supports knowledge of the wildlife and habitats of northeast Indiana. This work contributes to the broader goals and activities of the IPFW Environmental Resources Center, a collaborative effort among IPFW faculty, students and community partners to promote the understanding and conservation of our natural environment.