Welcome Students,

Whether you are a new or returning student, the art and employment of writing still profoundly impacts humanity. Although our tastes in society have changed over the course of time, we still look to reading artifacts for knowledge and entertainment. Even though my books are now mostly on digital format, and my news comes to me through a browser, I am reading more than ever—the alarming pace set forth by having a wide availability of data and internet resources.

Though the tour de force of college may, at times, be difficult—applying yourself will always be fruitful to your own individual efforts. With great hope, I hope that you'll not only get to know yourself, the community, and the arts better through writing and reading, but you may also have a few revelations along the way. By exerting diligence in school, you can individually fine-tune your built-in creativity and penchant for learning and that may just transfer to other exciting possibilities.

These resources are available to you whenever you may like—plenty of help to go around.