One of the most popular services on the Internet is the World Wide Web. This lab is a Web simulator that teaches you how to use Web browser software to find information. You can use this lab whether or not you have Internet access.

1.       Click the Steps button to learn how to use Web browser software. As you proceed through the Steps, answer all of the QuickCheck questions that appear. After you complete the Steps, you will see a QuickCheck Report. Follow the instructions on the screen to print this report.

2.       Click the Explore button on the Welcome screen. Use the Web browser to locate a weather map of the Caribbean Virgin Islands. What is its URL?

3.       A scuba diver named Wadson Lachouffe has been searching for the fabled treasure of Greybeard the pirate. A link from the Adventure Travel Web site, www.atour.com, leads to Wadson’s Web page called “Hidden Treasure.” In Explore, Locate the Hidden Treasure page and answer the following questions:

a.              What was the name of Greybeard’s ship?

b.              What was Greybeard’s favorite food?

c.              What does Wadson think happened to Greybeard’s ship?

4.       In the Steps, you found a graphic of Jupiter from the photo archives of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory. In the Explore section of this lab, you can also find a graphic of Saturn. Suppose one of your friends wanted a picture of Saturn for an Astronomy report. Make a list of the blue, underlined links you friend must click in the correct order to find the Saturn graphic. Assume that your friend will begin at the Web Trainer home page.

5.       Enter the URL http://www.atour.com to jump to the Adventure Travel Web site. Write a one-paragraph (no more than a half page) description of this site using your favorite word processor. Include a description of the information at the site, the number of pages the site contains, and a diagram of the links it provides.

6.       Chris Thomson is a student at UVI and has his own Web pages. In Explore, look at the information Chris has included on his pages. Suppose you could create your own Web page. What would you include? Use a word processor to give a (no more than a half page) description of the design of your own Web pages. Make sure you indicate the graphics and links you would use.

Arrange all the materials above beginning with the QuickCheck Report. Staple them together and turn them in to your instructor.