Moose was a part of our lives since 1991. Her mother was a black Labrador retriever. Her father was ???. She was joined for a while by our daughter's dog, Snickers (Australian shepherd), and by our son's dog, Onyx (Great Dane/Black Lab). Moose became very ill in January of 2007 and passed away on January 25, 2007. We will always have a spot for her in our hearts. She is buried on the top of the hill overlooking the pond that she loved.

Zeus came to live with us on Friday, July 13, 2007. He weighed 42 pounds and was 5 months old. His birthday is February 14, 2007. "Stay" just isn't going too well. We will have to wait until he works out some of his puppyness.



Zeus just finished "Puppy School" Although he must have ADD (the dog version), he did learn quite a bit. "Canine Companions" actually awarded him a certificate. His major obstacle was having to take time-outs for "humping." More pictures of Zeus and his classmates will be here later.