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1.Pre-course Introduction

Define the Workspace

Expressive Line

Define the Workspace Lecture

Expressive Line Lecture

Blind Contour Drawing Hand

Blind Contour Drawing Shoe

Line Web

Glancing Contour

Contour Drawing Lecture

Palmer Cursive

Land Contour

Negative Perception

Negative Trees

Negative Sculpture

Negative Space Tree Branches

4.0 Lecture

4.1 Lecture

4.1A Demo

4.1B Demo


Lec Plan Sec

Demo Plan Sec

NOTAN Lecture

NOTAN Materials

NOTAN Detail


Intro to Markers

Functional Relationship Diagram

Trees Lecture

Trees Demonstration

Einstein Tower

Courtyard Demonstration

Courtyard Lecture

Depth Illusion

Compostion 1

Tree Park


Resources and additional information



     1. Soil and Roc

     2. Concrete

     3. Masonry

     4. Steel Sculpture

     5. Steel Material Lecture

     6. Wood & Fasteners

     7. Plastic

     8. Glass Videos Final/1_3 Contour_Drawing/ContourHandMusic.wmv

INTR 121                                                    Matt Kubik