John LaMaster's Webinars

Extending the Functionality of Your TI-84 Plus Graphing Calculator with Apps (co-presented with Ruth Casey), April 26, 2016  Play Webinar
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-- Webinar Overview
-- Probability Simulation App Menu Map
-- Exploring the nth Roots of Unity with the Polynomial Root Finder App
TI-84 Plus Tips & Tricks for Working with Expressions & Equations (co-presented with Stuart Moskowitz), Feb. 16, 2016 PlayWebinar
The Top Ten Overlooked TI-84 Plus Features (co-presented with Margo Mankus), Sept. 1, 2015 Play Webinar
Success on Day One with the TI-84 Plus Family (co-presented with Ruth Casey), Aug. 4, 2015 Play Webinar
Statistical Modeling with the TI-84 Plus Family (co-presented with Mike Koehler), Dec. 9, 2014 Play Webinar
Exploring Proportions, Slope and Linearity with the TI-84 Plus Family (co-presented with John Hanna), Aug. 26, 2014 Play Webinar
Modeling with Mathematics in the Common Core Algebra Classroom with the TI-84 Plus Family (co-presented with Karen Campe), Feb. 11, 2014 Play Webinar
Implementing Topics in the Common Core State Standards with the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition (co-presented with Marilyn Parker), Aug. 27, 2013 Play Webinar
Introduction to the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator
(co-presented with Fred Decovsky), Feb. 2, 2013 Play Webinar
Reasoning and Sense-Making with the TI-84 Plus
(co-presented with Fred Decovsky), October 23, 2012 Play Webinar
TI-84 Plus Basic Skills: Problem-Solving in the Real World... and Beyond!
(co-presented with Judy Hicks), April 17, 2012 Play Webinar


John LaMaster's Presentations

The Top Ten+ Overlooked Features of the TI-84 Plus Family, 28th Annual T3 International Conference, Orlando, FA, Feb. 26, 2016.
   including Patterns with Rectangular Numbers from Multiple Perspectives

Dig In to the Real World with the TI-84 Plus CE, 27th Annual T3 International Conference, Fort Worth TX, March 13, 2015.

Embark on the Voyage of Discovery with the TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition and the CCSS , 26th Annual T3 International Conference, Las Vegas  NV, March 6, 2014.

Bright Colors and More: See What the TI-84 Plus C Can Do, 25th Annual T3 International Conference, Philadelphia, PA, March 9, 2013. Play the video of this presentation.
Program files: GOLDEN.8xp , FERRIS.8xp
Image file: LondonEye_Image6.8ca (Use TI-Connect to drag this image of the London Eye to your calculator as Image6)

Taking Full Advantage of the Power of the TI-84 Plus
, 24th Annual T3 International Conference, Chicago, IL, March 2, 2012.

Harry Potter and the TI-84 Plus Operating System 2.55MP, 23rd  Annual T3 International Conference, San Antonio, Texas, Feb. 25, 2011.

Super-Size Your TI-84 Plus Operating System 2.53MP, 22nd  Annual T3 International Conference, Atlanta, Georgia, March 6, 2010.

Precalculus Enhanced with TI Navigator
, 18th Annual T3 International Conference, Denver, Colorado, Feb. 24. 2006.
Program file: ALPATIO.8XP
Cellsheet files:  SQR.8XV and SQR2.8XV
Lists for plotting the polynomial y = x2(x-2)(x-4)/3: L1.8XL, L2.8XL