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Office Hours

The Spring 2018 Schedule of Classes will be available at ipfw.edu/classes on Mon Sept 11, with registration beginning at 8 am on the following dates......
Seniors: Mon Oct 16 •  Juniors, Honors Students, Intercollegiate Athletes, Students with Disabilities: Mon Oct 23
Sophomores: Mon Oct 30 • Freshmen and Others: Mon Nov 6

My office is Neff 230J.  Here are my upcoming
first-come, first-served office hours.
If you're coming to talk about registration, please bring a list of classes you're considering. 
The links at "Go to Irwin's Advisees" should help.
 Please note that unexpected things can come up so come back to this page and check these times before you visit to make sure they haven't changed.

Thurs Sept 14: 2-4 pm
Tues Sept 19: 2-4 pm
Mon Sept 24: 4-6 pm

Tues Oct 3: 2-4 pm

Thurs Oct 5: 2-4 pm
more times to come.....

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