We're going to use the Unofficial Degree Audit in myBLUEprint to help you put together your list of the classes that remain for you to graduate.

The first step is to count credits.  Right below the box where you found your Catalog Term you'll see a blue box that says "Bachelor of Arts" and a white box that says "Unmet conditions for this set of requirements." 

BA box on myBlueprint

Two important numbers here.  This student needs 120 credits for her degree (some people on older bulletins need 124).  When this student successfully completes the courses she's currently registered for, she will have completed 95 credits toward his degree requirements.

Now find and write down your number of total credits required and degree requirement credits earned.

Next, scroll down and find the blue box that says Elective Credits Allowed

elective credits allowed
Look at "Credits Applied."  This student has 15 credits of elective that apply to his degree.  When she adds the 95 credits of degree requirements and the 15 credits of electives, this student sees that when she successfully completes all the classes she's currently enrolled in -- which may include classes for a future semester she's already registered for -- she has 110 credits toward graduation

Now add your Credits Applied to electives to the number of degree requirement credits earned.  Write that number down. 

Some of you will have a box that says "Elective classes not allowed."   Those credits are perfectly good.  myBLUEprint calls them "not allowed" because it is projecting that after you take all of your required courses, these classes will be in excess of the total number of credits you need for your degree (120 for most of you).

To see the classes for degree requirements that you still need, we're going to scroll back up to the top of the Unofficial Degree Audit.

Up in the top left, next to where it says Worksheets, you'll see a dropdown box.  Choose the bottom selection, Registration Checklist, then click the View button next to it.

dropdown-format view

Now you'll see a list of courses (or course categories) that you still need to fulfill together with the number of credits for that course.  This student needs to take COM 480 (1 credit) and the final course in her foreign language sequence (3 credits).  Add these four credits to the 110 she already has in the bank and she'll have 114.  Since her degree requires 120 credits, she'll also need 6 credits of electives.

registration checklist

Here's some important things to know about this.

First, here's a list of the common abbreviations

Second, if your Catalog Term is Summer 2015 or older, then  myBLUEprint only lists the fourth class in a foreign language sequence as a class you need to take.  You'll also need to add whichever of the first three foreign language classes you haven't had to your list.

Now make your list of the classes you still need to take.  Then add up the number of credits for those classes, and add that number to your total.  Write that number down.  Subtract that number from the total number of credits for your degree
(120 for most of you, 124 for some)
to see how many credits of electives you'll need.  Write down that number.  If you have some "Elective classes not allowed" add them to your total first.  Explore the classes you might like to take as electives and write them down.

So now plan out a list of what you'll take each semester to get you to graduation, including the classes to satisfy requirements and the classes you'll need to take as free electives.

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