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Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Communication
COM 323 – Business and Professional Communication – Summer Session I 2003
Instructor: Irwin Mallin

Presentational Speaking Assignment
Outline due and presentation to be made on Thursday, June 19, Monday, June 23, or Tuesday, June 24
as set forth on the speaking schedule to be determined in advance

Topic Approval in class on Monday, June 16

Length of speech: 6-8 minutes.  Please be mindful of the time limits when you practice your speech.

Topic: You will choose a non-profit organization and make an appeal to your audience, the board of directors of a philanthropic foundation, to donate a specific amount for a specific purpose to your organization.  When other people are speaking, you are a board member.

Your outlines for each speech will follow the format set forth on pages 165-168 of your textbook. Please note the following:

• Your speech will be organized via one of the persuasive speech structures we will discuss in class on Thursday, June 12.

• Of course, these speeches will include an introduction, transitions between main points, an a conclusion containing all of the elements of those devices as discussed in class and displayed in the sample outline in the textbook.

Research: Each speech must cite at least four researched sources, no more than two of which may be a source found exclusively on the internet.  Your bibliography must contain an outline in the format displayed in the sample outline in the textbook.

Practice using the suggestions on the handout entitled "Practicing Your Speech"

The speech will be evaluated using the criteria set forth on the Presentation Evaluation Sheet

After your presentation, you will be briefly questioned by the board of directors.

The best topics for these speeches will be those which you 1) feel conviction and passion about, 2) can make a connection to your audience’s interests and experience, and 3) can adequately discuss in 6 to 8 minutes.

Of course, you’re invited to show me draft outlines or do a dry run performance of your speech during office hours or during other times by appointment.

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