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Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne Department of Communication
COM 375  – Conflict and Negotiation – Spring Semester 2017
Instructor: Irwin Mallin

Negotiation Report Assignment
Due at the start of class on Monday, April 24

First, indicate at the top of the page:
– whether you’re doing this for the Wed Apr 5 negotiation or the Wed Apr 12/Mon Apr 17 negotiation, and
– which side you were on
Then answer the following 11 questions, preceding each answer with the number and question in bold:

1) What are the sources of conflict in this negotiation?
2) What are each party’s interests?
3) What emerged as the criteria – as Getting to Yes uses that term – for an acceptable agreement on which the parties may be able to agree?  Note that this question asks you what emerged in the actual negotiation, not in the instructions.
4) What did your group decide was your BATNA and the other side’s BATNA?
5) What are the significant impediments to reaching agreement on this dispute?
6) What options – as Getting to Yes uses that term – can you arrive at to resolve the issues in dispute?
7) How would you evaluate the better options – again, as Getting to Yes uses that term – for their ability to meet the parties’ interests and likely agreed criteria for an acceptable agreement?
8) Do you feel the interest-based, collaborative approach to negotiation was appropriate to this negotiation?  Why or why not?
9) What strategies, tactics, etc. did you try in this negotiation that worked?  Why do you think they worked?
10) What did you try that didn’t work?  Why do you think it didn’t?
11) What was the result of this negotiation?  Are you satisfied with the result?  Why or why not?

Generalizations will not lead to good reports. Support any assertion you make with a specific example from your negotiation. When I read the paper I should be able to “see” the negotiation.  Accordingly, be sure to take good notes either during or immediately after the group meetings and negotiations.

Note that it's best to be in class all three days so you can choose which negotiation to write about.

Also note that terms like BATNA, option and criteria have very specific meanings in this class and should be used that way in the negotiation report

The report should be grammatically correct, free of spelling and punctuation errors. It should be typed (double spaced, margins of 1" all around, font no larger than 12).  It should also be stapled.

IMPORTANT: You will need to return all of the negotiation materials I give you, so please staple them to the back of your paper.

REMEMBER: Throughout this assignment, you’re using “criteria,” “option,” and “BATNA” with the very specific meanings those terms have in Getting to Yes.

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