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COM 375-01 Course Schedule (subject to change) 

Mon Jan 9
Introductions to the course and each other
Wed Jan 11
Introduction to the subject matter
 Fri Jan 13 is last day to add and last day for regular audit 
 Sun Jan 15 is last day to drop for full refund and without a W on your transcript
Mon Jan 16 No class – Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Wed Jan 18
Definitions and models of conflict 
Read "Understanding The Conflict Episode"
Mon Jan 23
Destructive v. constructive conflict
Conflict Analysis Paper 1 assigned 
Wed Jan 25
Levels of conflict
Mon Jan 30
Styles of conflict
Read "Confronting Conflict"
Wed Feb 1
Confronting conflict (or not) and cycles of conflict
Mon Feb 6
Read "Types of Interpersonal Goals"
Wed Feb 8
Face and attribution 
Read "Face Saving"
Mon Feb 13
Marital conflict
Read "What Makes Marriage Work" and "The Powerful Predictor Behind Successful Relationships"
Wed Feb 15
Catch-up and Review
Mon Feb 20
Exam 1
Wed Feb 22
Reading Day
Read Getting to Yes, pp. 3-57 so we can start discussing it on Monday
Mon Feb 27
Introducing the negotiation model
Read Getting to Yes, pp. 3-57
Wed Mar 1
Practice negotiations 
Conflict Analysis Paper 1 due
Conflict Analysis Paper 2 assigned
Mon Mar 6 and Wed Mar 8
No class – Spring Break
Mon Mar 13
Issues in negotiation
Read "Structuring the Issues"
Wed Mar 15 Reading  Day
Finish Getting to Yes
Mon Mar 20 Options and criteria
Read Getting to Yes, pp. 58-95
Negotiation Report assigned
Wed Mar 22 Integrative strategies
Read "Forms Taken By Integrative Agreements"
Mon Mar 27
Best alternative to a negotiated agreement
Read Getting to Yes, pp.99-150
Wed Mar 29
Getting you ready for upcoming negotiations; Negotiation jujitsu; Objections to interest-based negotiations
Read Getting to Yes, pp. 149-187
Mon Apr 3
More practice negotiations
Wed Apr 5
Still more practice negotiations
Mon Apr 10
No class – First Night of Passover
Wed Apr 12 and Mon Apr 17
Even more practice negotiations
Read "15 Rules for Negotiating a Job Offer" for Wed Apr 12
Conflict Analysis Paper 2 due Mon Apr 17
Wed Apr 19
Third parties
Read "What Kind of Conflict Help is Available?"
Mon Apr 24
Catch up and review
Negotiation Report due
Wed Apr 26
"If we need it" day
Wed May 3
Exam 2, 4 to 5:30 p.m.

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