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COM 423, Fall 2016 – Reading Guide Questions for September 15

For Denning:

1,  Why isn't the Zambia story a "real story?"  (p. 115-116)

2, What makes business executives skeptical about storytelling?  (pp. 116-117)

3. But what makes storytelling so powerful?  (pp. 117-118)

4. How does he define the term story?  (p. 118)

5. Why not tell a fully developed story to a business audience?  (He gives a couple reasons).  Why tell a fully developed story anyway?  (pp. 119. 124)
NOTE: After page 119, the essay continues on page 124.  Go there and finish the article before you read A Storytelling Catalog on pp. 120-125

6. Why would you tell a positive story?  Why would you tell a negative story?  (pp. 125-126)

7. When would you tell a "boring story" like the examples on pp. 127-128.

8. So what exactly is the link between storytelling and leadership?

9.  Now let's have fun, stars.  Go back and read A Storytelling Catalog on pp. 120-125.  Answer this question on a separate sheet of paper:  Suppose you want to persuade a relative on the fence between going to Ball State or IPFW to choose IPFW.  Which storytelling objective would you choose?  Following his suggestions for that objective, how would you frame the story?

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