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COM 42300-01 Course Schedule (subject to change)

Click here for revised schedule from Sept 22 to end of semester

T 8/23
Introduction to the course, each other, and the subject matter

Part I.  What does it mean to be a leader?  And why is this communication?

R 8/25
What does it mean to be a leader?
•  F 8/26 is last day to add and last day for regular audit – Sun 8/28 is last day to drop for full refund and without a W on your transcript
T 8/30
An alum tells you about her leadership experiences
R 9/1
Leaders versus mangers
Response papers assigned
T 9/6
Case day
R 9/8
Leadership as conversation
Read Groysberg & Slind
T 9/13
Metaphors of leadership
Read Barge
R 9/15
Leadership as storytelling
Read Denning
T 9/20
Emotional intelligence
Read Goleman

Part II. Leadership and Followership Styles and Attributes

R 9/22
Leadership styles
First response paper due
T 9/27
Followership styles
Leader analysis assigned
R 9/29
Leader-member exchange
 F 9/30 is last day for late audit
T 10/4
No class - Rosh Hashana
R 10/6
Engaged followers
Read Seijts
T 10/11
No class - Fall Break
R 10/13
Transformational leadership
T 10/18
You as a leader
Read Goffee and Jones
R 10/20
You as an adaptive leader
Read Heifetz
T 10/25
Catch-up day

Part III. More Communicative Aspects of Leadership

R 1027
Second response paper due
Conflict analysis assigned
F 10/28 is the last day to withdraw
T 11/1
Read Pfeffer
R 11/3
Compliance gaining
Read Conger
T 11/8 & R 11/10
No class -NationaCommunication Association Convention
T 11/15
Group leadership
Read Galanes
R 11/17
Leading Change
Read Kotter (1990), Fogg, and Fain
T 11/22
Catch-up day
Leader analysis due
R 11/24
No class -Thanksgiving
T 11/29
Catch-up day
Conflict analysis due

Part IV.  Ethical and Authentic Leadership

R 12/1
Ethical leadership
Read Mattson and Buzzanell
Take home final assigned
T 12/6
Authentic leadership
Read George

Part V. And in Summary

R 12/8
The incomplete leader
Read Anacona
R 12/15, 10:30 am
Take home final due

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