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COM 597 Course Schedule (subject to change)

M 8/22 Introduction to the course, each other, and the subject matter
W 8/24
Introduction to ethnography and the research assignment
• Read Eisenberg & Goodall, 2001
 Research Assignment Distributed
(F 8/26
Last day to add – Sun 8/28 is last day to drop for full refund and without a W on your transcript)
M 8/29

Introduction to the graduate program and Bedrock assumptions about communication
• Special guest: Dr. Steven Alan Carr, Director of Graduate Studies
W 8/31
Applying the bedrock assumptions to customer service
• Read Ford Preface, Ch. 1, and Ch. 2
M 9/5
No class – Labor Day
W 9/7
Approaches to service
• Read Ford Ch. 3 and Ch. 4; and Miller & Koesten, 2008
M 9/12
The role of emotion in service
• Read Miller & Koesten, 2008
W 9/14
But is it a relationship?
• Read  Ford Ch. 7; and Ford, 2001
M 9/19
And if it is a relationship, how do you maintain it, Part I?
• Read Bolkan and Daly, 2009
W 9/21 And if it is a relationship, how do you maintain it, Part II?
• Read Sias, 2009
M 9/26
Paper workshop I
• Research Proposal Due
W 9/28 No Class – Erev Rosh Hashana
M 10/3
And if it is a relationship, how do you maintain it, Part III?
• Read Fonner & Timmerman, 2009
• Take Home Midterm Distributed
W 10/5 Catch-up and review
M 10/10
No class – Fall Break
W 10/12
Ethics, Part I
• Read Ford Ch. 5 and Ch. 6
• Take Home Midterm Due
M 10/17 Ethics, Part II:
• Read Carlone (2008a) and Carlone (2008b)
W 10/19
Customer/client satisfaction and loyalty, Part I
• Read Ford Ch. 8 and Ford, 2003
M 10/24
Customer/client satisfaction and loyalty, Part II
• Read Turner & Krizek, 2006
W 10/26
Customer/client satisfaction and loyalty III:
• Read Koermer, Ford & Brant 2000 and Koermer & Kilbane 2008
(F 10/28  Last day to withdraw or change from credit to audit)
M 10/31 &
W 11/2
Impact on service providers
• Read Ford Ch. 9 and Murphy 1998
M 11/7,
W 11/9 &
M 11/14

Paper Workshop II
• First Draft of Research Paper Due M 11/7
W 11/16 &
M 11/21
No class National Communication Association Convention
W 11/23 No class Thanksgiving
M 11/28  
An alternative view
• Read Feuti, 2007
W 11/30,
M 12/5 &
W 12/7
Student presentations 
• Research Paper Due W 11/30
• Take Home Final Distributed M 12/5
W 12/14 Take Home Final Due, 4 p.m.


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