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Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts in the College of Arts and Sciences
Copied verbatim from 2017-2018 Undergraduate Bulletin at

Requirements for the Bachelor of Arts Degree

 In addition to the General Education Requirements and the requirements for your major found in Program Descriptions, you must satisfy the following requirements:

  1.  Successful completion of Parts A through D listed below.
  2.  At least 30 credits in upper-level courses as defined by the departments offering the courses (excluding military science courses).
  3. A grade of C- or better for all courses required in the major and a GPA of 2.00 or higher for all major department courses taken.
  4. The College requires that students complete one of the following MA courses:  MA 14000, 15300, 15900, 16500, 22700, 22900, STAT 12500, or placement above MA 15300, or the math course required for your major.  Please note that in many degree programs, a specific math course/courses is/are required.  The various courses differ with respect to emphasis on the foundations of mathematical reasoning and their application.  One of these MA courses may also meet your IPFW General Education Category A3 (Quantitative Reasoning) requirement; therefore, you are strongly encouraged to consult your academic advisor to determine which course would be most appropriate for you.
  5. The College of Arts and Sciences requires that you complete at least one science course with a scheduled laboratory as part of your IPFW General Education requirements. This requirement may be met either by taking a lecture course that includes a scheduled laboratory (e.g., CHM 11100) or a lecture course plus a laboratory course designed to accompany it (e.g., GEOL G100 plus GEOL L100). This provides the opportunity to apply concepts learned in the classroom and to conduct scientific inquiry.
  6. A sufficient number of elective credits to bring the total number of credits counting toward graduation to 120.
  7. Residency requirements for a Bachelor’s degree: registration in and completion of at least 32 credits of resident course credit at the 200 level or above, including at least 15 resident credits at the 300 level or above in courses applicable to the major.
  8. Normally, you must complete the entire final year at IPFW.  However with the approval of your College and if you have satisfied the resident credit requirement, you may complete the remaining requirements in another approved College or university.
  9. You must register, either in residence or absentia, as a candidate for the desired degree during the academic session immediately preceding its conferral.

Part A:  English Writing and Speaking

An education in the liberal arts and sciences emphasizes the value of analyzing and presenting ideas in writing and speaking; thus the College strives to improve its students’ oral and written communication skills.  Consequently, in addition to your General Education writing course (ENG W131 or equivalent), you are required to complete ENG W233 or an equivalent second writing course approved for this purpose by individual departments and the College.  In general, these second writing courses are developed to introduce students to the types of writing they will do in their respective fields.  Approved equivalents are:  ENG L202, HIST H217, ILCS I300, or POLS Y207.  You are also required to complete COM 11400 or an equivalent oral communication course approved by individual departments and the College.  An approved equivalent course is HIST H125.  You must complete all courses meeting this requirement with a grade of C- or better.

Part B:  International Language

You must complete two courses at the first-year level and two courses at the second-year level in  a single international language (or demonstrate equivalent proficiency). You are urged to begin studying a language as soon as possible.  For information on advanced placement, special credit in an international language, and foreign language proficiency for Non-Native Speakers of English,  see the “Additional Information for Bachelor’s Degrees” section below.

Part C:  Distribution

A significant component of the College of Arts and Sciences education is the breadth of knowledge throughout the three major areas of Science and Mathematics, Social and Behavioral Sciences, and Humanities. You will accomplish this by completing 3 credits in each of these areas. Credits in your major discipline or in directed study courses may not be used to satisfy this requirement.  Distribution courses do not overlap with General Education requirements.

Science and Mathematics

Agriculture (only FNR 10300)
Anthropology (only ANTH B200)
Biology (excluding BIOL 10500)
Geography (only physical geography)
Mathematics (excluding MA 10100, 10200, 10300, 10900, 11100/11101, 11300 and 12401)
Political Science (only POLS Y395)
Psychology (only PSY 20100)
Sociology (only SOC S351)

Social and Behavioral Sciences

Anthropology (excluding ANTH B200)
Communication (excluding COM 11400, 21000, 23800, 31200, 31600, 32700, 35800, 44300, 46300 and 47500)
Comunication Sciences and Disorders
English (only ENG G205, G206, and G301)
Geography (only human, cultural, or social geography)
Gerontology (only GERN G231)
International Studies (only INTL I200)
Journalism (only JOUR C300, J300, and J337)
Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender
Political Science (excluding POLS Y395)
Psychology (excluding PSY 20100)
Sociology (excluding SOC S351)
Spanish* (only SPAN S425, S426, and S428)
Women’s Studies (only WOST W210 and W240)


Afro-American studies
Architectural Engineering Technology (only ARET 21000 and 31000)
Classical studies*
Communication (only COM 21000, 21600, 23800, 31200, 31600, 35800, 46300 and 47500)
Comparative literature
English (excluding ENG G205, G206, G301, P131, W129, W131, W140, W232, W233, W234, W331, W364, W397, W398, W421, W422, and W460)
Film studies
Fine arts (excluding studio courses)
International Language and Culture Studies (excluding ILCS I300)
International Studies (excluding INTL I200)
Journalism (excluding JOUR C300, and J300)
Latin American Studies
Medieval Studies
Music (excluding performance/skills courses)
Near Eastern Language and Culture*
Peace and Conflict Studies (only PACS P200)
Religious Studies
Spanish* (excluding SPAN S425, S426, and S428)
Theatre (excluding performance/production courses)
Women’s Studies (excluding WOST W210 and W240)
*excluding courses used to satisfy the Part B requirement

Part D:  Cultural Studies

An important element of the College of Arts and Sciences degree requirements is for students to acquire skills necessary to be productive, responsible citizens and community leaders. To do this, you must have a commitment to free and open inquiry and show mutual respect across multiple cultures and perspectives. Students will accomplish this by taking 6 credit hours in cultural studies, including one 3 credit course in Western Culture and one 3 credit course in Non-Western Culture.  The Western Culture courses deal broadly with the Western tradition.  The Non-Western Culture courses deal exclusively or primarily with a non-Western culture or cultures. Contact your advisor or the College of Arts and Sciences Student Success Center to discuss the possibility of courses double counting to satisfy the Western and Non-Western Culture Studies requirements.

Western Culture

CLAS C205, C405
COM 31200
ENG L101, L102
FINA H111, H112
HIST H113, H114, H225 (only when offered as Intro To Political Theory), HIST C386, HIST C388
PHIL 11000, 24000, 30100
POLS Y105, Y381, Y382
REL 11200, 23100, 30000

Non-Western Culture

ANTH E310, E320, E321, E330, E335, E340, E341, E345, E356, E375, E398, E401, E402, E405, E420, E445, E455, E457, E462, E470, E479, P360, P370
EALC E231, E232,
ENG L107, L113, L364
FOLK F305, F352
HIST A310-A311, C393, D310, D402, D410, E100, E331, E332, E336, E431, F341, F342, F346, F432, G451, G452, H201, H202, H232, T335
POLS Y332, Y339, Y340
REL 23000, 30100, 30600, 30700, 31100
SOC S410  (only when offered as Culture of China, or Modern Japanese Society)
SPAN S246, S412, S471, S472, S477, S479, S480

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