Division of Organizational Leadership and Supervision

Indiana University Purdue University, Fort Wayne

2101 Coliseum Blvd. East

Fort Wayne, IN  46805






Ph.D.  Awarded June 1995,College of Business Administration, University of Cincinnati

Emphasis:  Management of Organizations

Dissertation Title:  Reaction to One’s Lot:  Exploring Individual and Group Influences on Perceptions of Justice Following an Organizational Transition

Masters in Business Administration, 1986: Xavier University

Bachelor of Business Administration, 1980: The University of Michigan




Associate Professor at IPFW,

Division of Organizational Leadership & Supervision  as of August 2002

Interim Director, IPFW Honors Program, as of August 2002


Assistant Professor at IPFW,

Division of Organizational Leadership & Supervision  as of August 1996

Visiting Assistant Professor at IPFW,

Department of Organizational Leadership & Supervision, 1995-1996

             Designed new online course:  Leading Virtual Teams

                                    (first offered spring 2001)

Designed new graduate course:  Organizational Analysis and Action

                                    (first offered Spring, 2000)

Co-designed new Honors course:  Heroes, Celebrities and Leaders

(first offered Fall, 1998) [OLS 399H]

Designed new elective course: Applied Creativity in Business and Industry

(first offered Summer, 1998) [OLS 350]

Redesigned required core course:  Leadership for Team Development

                                  (Leading Self Managing Teams) [OLS 485]

                Co-Redesigned required core course:  Human Relations in Organizations

                                                (in process, First semester of redesign, Summer 2002)

Also teach:            Leadership and the Management of Change [OLS 486]

Human Behavior In Organizations  (now Human Relations in Org’s)[OLS252]

Managing Job Stress and Health [OLS370]

Leadership Processes [OLS 384]

Staffing &Performance Appraisal  (now Interviewing Strategies) [OLS 342]

Adjunct Professor at the University of Dayton,

Department of Marketing and Management (1994-1995)

Organizational Behavior  - MBA Core Course (Fall, 1994)

Management of Multinational Corporations (Winter, 1995)


Graduate Instructor at the University of Cincinnati,

Management Department (1989-1994)

Designed new course:  "Measuring Up: Understanding Issues of Effectiveness"

    (Spring 1991)

Also taught:            Organizations and Environments (Organizational Theory)

(Winter & Spring, 1994)

Organizational Behavior and Management

(Fall 1989, 1990, 1991, 1993) 

Dynamics of Interpersonal Behavior (Group Behavior) (1993)

Management and Society (Ethics) (Spring, 1990)


Assistant and then Director of Student Activities/ University Center Department ,

Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio.  (1984-1988)

Administrative position within the Student Development Division 


Ford Motor Company, Ford Career Development Fellow. (1980-1984)

Held various positions in two divisions of the company.





Teaching Related Refereed Publications and Refereed Proceedings:


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Teaching Related Conference presentations (refereed) without proceedings:


Mansour-Cole, D.  Why Take Risks in the classroom:  A Parker Palmer prequel.  Annual Organizational Behavior Teaching Conference, California, 2002.

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Mansour-Cole, D. and McDonald, K. Rethinking how we teach leadership:  It wasnt broke but we fixed it anyway. Midwest Leadership Conference, OBTC, West Lafayette, IN, 1997.



Work under review and in progress:


Mansour-Cole, D.  Newlyteamed:  An exercise in team identity.  Submitted to Journal of Management Education.


Mansour-Cole, D.  Leading Virtual Teams.  Text to be developed in 2003/4.


Mansour-Cole, D.  Teaching as if teams really matter:  Lessons from work teams.  In preparation for submission.



Invited Presentations related to teaching and administration include:


Smith and Mansour-Cole.  Diversity transformation in an introductory course:  OLS 252  Human Behavior in Organizations.  Presentation as part of a panel discussion at the Enhancing Minority Attainment Conference, Kokomo, Indiana, Fall 2002.


Mansour-Cole.  Beyond CATs:  Teaching as if teams really matter.  Presentation at IPFW for CELT, Fall 2002.


Mansour-Cole. Leadership and teamwork between faculty and administrators. Presentation for Deans and Chairs at IPFW, Spring 2002.


Mansour-Cole.  Why take risks in the classroom? Presentation at IPFW for CELT. (Spring 2002)


Mansour-Cole.  Teambuilding for Student Leaders.  Presentation at IPFW for Student Government Retreat, Spring, 2002.


Mansour-Cole.  Teaching with virtual teams.  Presentation at IPFW for CELT. (2001)


McDonald, Mansour-Cole, and Hite.  Developing Experiential Learning Activities for Classroom Use.  Presented at IPFW Scholarship of Teaching Conference, Fort Wayne, 1999.


Mansour-Cole.  Management of Change/Embracing Change.  Presentation for the on campus and off campus sessions of the IPFW Supervisory and Leadership Development Series and ASTD luncheon series.


Mansour-Cole, D.  Snowflake Team Building:  Embracing diversity in teams.  Presentation for  Girl Scouts of Limberlost Council Leader Blockbuster, February 2001.


Mansour-Cole.  Ethics for administrative professionals.  Presentation for the October 2002 meeting of Northeast Indiana chapter of the National Association Administrative Professionals.


Other Refereed Publications and Refereed Proceedings:


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Other Conference presentations (refereed) without proceedings:


Mansour-Cole, D.  Questioning:  How ethnic identity influences network use.  Academy of Management annual conference, Denver, CO, 2002.


Mansour-Cole, D.  There is no box to check:  How government influences identity.   Academy of Management annual conference, Washington, D. C., 2001. 


Mansour-Cole, D. and Gales.  Work groups and transition events:  Understanding the effects of commitment, cohesion and climate on employee justice perceptions.  Presented at Academy of Management International Meeting, Vancouver, Canada 1995.


Mansour-Cole, D. and Scott, S.  Beyond adequacy:  The impact of layoff announcements on justice perceptions.  Presented at Academy of Management Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, 1995.





2002 IPFW Diversity Course Transformation Grant

2001 Organizational Behavior Teaching Society Honor Roll

2000 IPFW Summer Faculty Grant for Research

2000 Distance Ed Coordinating Committee (DECCO) Distance Learning Development Grant

Invited to membership, CELT (Center for Enhancement of Learning & Teaching) Board, Fall 2000

Inducted into the IPFW Honors Faculty, April 1999

IPFW International Conference Fund Award, 1999

Best Paper, Organizational Behavior Division, IBAM, 1998

IPFW Summer Innovative Course Initiative, 1998

Invited to Junior Faculty Consortium for OB/OMT Divisions of the Academy of Management, 1998

1997 IPFW Honors Course Development Grant

TIMS College on Organization Best Dissertation Proposal Award, 1993 Finalist

Saybrooke Institute 1993 Research Grant Competition, Second Place

Awarded Graduate Research Council Fellowship from the University of Cincinnati, 1992

Invited to Doctoral Consortium for OB/OMT Divisions of the Academy of Management, 1991

Paper awarded First Honorable Mention, Academy of Mngmt, TIMS Best Paper Competition, 1991




Academy of Management, Organizational Behavior Teaching Society, Midwest Academy of Management, Pi Lambda Theta