Research focuses on plant ecology and biogeography, specifically within the Great Lakes region. Current projects include distribution of threatened and endangered plants, survial of trees under attack by emerald ash borer, and forest community structure in protected areas.

Recent Publications

Bisht, A, KL Fracica, AM Gutierrez, JR Hinson, AA Hopkins, JM Josimovich, MN Matthews, AL Myers, JE Myers, RA Ratsch, AJ Rudolph, AJ Silowsky, CE Smith, K Tolliver, AM Yaney-Keller, and JM Marshall. 2017. Survey of Haskamp Woods, Allen County, Indiana, and floristic comparison with neighboring forest properties. Phytoneuron 2017-69, 1-13. (article)

Adkins, KD, JA Chang, LA Danels, LM DeBruhl, MM Ellison, JL Hammond, DC Klepper, TM Lehman, SD Rupert, M Shustova, RR Smith, DL Thomas, JA Thompson, LW Vorndran, and JM Marshall. 2016. An analysis of a Hackberry-American Elm-Green Ash forest type at Moser Park, Allen County, Indiana. Rhodora 118, 189-205. (article)

Warrix, AR, D Moore, and JM Marshall. 2015. Influence of low density garlic mustard presence and hardwood leaf litter composition on litter dwelling arthropod diversity. Proceedings of the Indiana Academy of Science 124, 16-25. (article)

Environmental Resources Center

The Plant Ecology Lab is associated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region.