Research focuses on plant biogeography and floristics and invasive species interactions and management, specifically within the Great Lakes region. Current projects include distribution of threatened and endangered plants, survival of trees under attack by emerald ash borer, and forest community structure in protected areas.

Recent Publications

Granger, JJ, DS Buckley, TL Sharik, JM Zobel, WW DeBord, JP Hartman, JG Henning, TL Keyser, JM Marshall. 2018. Northern red oak regeneration: 25-year results of cutting and prescribed fire in Michigan oak and pine stands. Forest Ecology and Management 429, 467-479. (article)

Keough, S, J Danielson, JM Marshall, D Lagos-Kutz, DJ Voegtlin, R Srinivasan, P Nachappa. 2018. Factors affecting population dynamics of thrips vectors of soybean vein necrosis virus. Environmental Entomology 47, 734-740. (article)

Warrix, AR, and JM Marshall. 2018. Callery pear (Pyrus calleryana) response to fire in a managed prairie ecosystem. Invasive Plant Science and Management 11, 27-32. (article)

Environmental Resources Center

The Plant Ecology Lab is associated with the Environmental Resources Center, promoting the understanding and conservation of the natural resources of the region.