Jordan M. Marshall, PhD

Associate Professor of Biology
Biology Graduate Program Director

Department of Biology
Purdue University Fort Wayne

Office 260-481-6038

Graduate Students

Jonathan Danielson (Summer 2018-present)
Plant Community Patterns and Pollinator Occurrences in Grand Sable Dunes, Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore

Cecelia Smith (Degree: Spring 2018)
Five Trees Undercover: Genome-Wide SNP Identification in Fraxinus Linking Genetic Characteristics to Tolerance of Emerald Ash Borer

Andrea Myers (Degree: Spring 2017)
Influence of Forest Fragment Composition and Structure on Ground-Dwelling Arthropod Communities (thesis)

Adam Warrix (Degree: Spring 2016)
Management of Remnant Prairie Ecosystems: Soil Transfer, Fire, and Exotic Species Invasion (thesis)

Rachel Fuelling-Harman (Degree: Spring 2014)
Diversity and Distribution of Plant Communities Related to Forest Fragment Size, Shape, Age, and Structure (thesis)

Rachel Hunnicutt-Clark (Degree: Fall 2013)
Emerald Ash Borer Adult Feeding Behavior and Ash Tree Management Decision Modeling: Relationships between Pest and Host Tolerance Gradients (thesis)

Undergraduate Students

Shilynn Whalen (Fall 2018)
Dendrochronological Patterns in Haskamp Woods, New Haven, Indiana

Alexander Barton (Summer 2018)
Dendrochronological Assessment of Ash Growth Rates

Aaron Rudolph (Summer 2015-Spring 2017)
Distribution, Habitat Characteristics, and Genetic Variablity of Pawpaw in Forest Fragments

Asif Mortuza (Spring 2016)
Age and Growth Rate of Callery Pear in a Managed Prairie

Jennifer Troy (Spring-Summer 2015)
Northern Red Oak Growth Response in Drought and Shade Stress

Cecelia Smith (Summer 2014-Summer 2015)
Emerald Ash Borer Feeding Behavior in Response to Ash Leaf Nutrient and Fiber Content

Hannah Lancaster (Spring 2015)
Understory and Midstory Plant Distributions Relative to Seed Mass and Disperal Mechanisms

Lori Morgan (Summer-Fall 2014)
Light Response Curves for Tree Seedlings in Southern Great Lakes Forests

Alexander Silowsky (Summer 2014)
Relationships between Plant Community, Soil Type, and Beetle Diversity in a Southern Great Lakes Forest

Glenneicer Ffrench (Spring 2014)
Importance and Distribution of Course Woody Debris in a Southern Great Lakes Forest

Kayla Boyes (Summer-Fall 2013)
Dendrochronological Assessment of Ash Growth Rates Relative to Emerald Ash Borer Infestation (article)

Alicia De Leon (Summer-Fall 2013)
Characterization of Forest Fragment Structure in Northeastern Indiana

Rachel Habegger (Summer 2012, 2013)
Diversity of Algae in Relation to Neighboring Land Use (issue)
Comparison of Fertilizers on Turfgrass Above- and Below-Ground Growth

Shreya Patel (Summer 2013)
Light Response and Saturation Curves for Native and Exotic Shrub Species

Shelby Gruss (Spring 2013)
Garlic Mustard Reproductive Response to Drought

Daniel Moore and Adam Warrix (Summer 2012)
Garlic Mustard Invasion Patterns in Urban Forests (article)

Rick Thomas (Fall 2011)
Survey and Assessment of Ash Trees within Fort Wayne Parks

Michael Zjilstra (Fall 2011)
Germination and Establishment of Lake Huron Tansy Under Variable pH Levels

Celeste Grubaugh (Summer 2011)
Drought Response of Garlic Mustard

Rachel Hunnicutt (Summer 2011)
Ground Beetle Diversity in Forests and Neighboring Old Fields

Molly Miller (Spring 2011)
Influence of Accumulated Growing Degree Days and Relative Population Density on Emerald Ash Borer Body Size (article)