"Ode to Candida"

Oh Candida, oh Candida.
You seem so good to me.
It's hard for me to understand
how you make it hurt to pee.

You can invade 'most every tissue,
but some you do adore.
You can make such nasty lesions,
even suppurating sores.

You're constantly among us,
causing neither pleasure nor distress.
But for those without immunity
you can make a deadly  mess.

You mostly cause an itchy crotch,
without much long term damage.
The problem is you oft return,
like a hungry little savage.

The question is, how do you do
those things that cause such  mayhem.
How do you stick and get inside
our healthy cells and kill them.

So that's what I do research on,
confusing as it may be.
I just want to understand how come,
Candida makes it hurt to pee.