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BIOL 108 Biology of Plants

P: placement at or above ENG W131 and MA 153 (or equivalents) and exemption from or completion of ENG R150. Introduction to growth, functioning, structure, heredity, and diversity of plants and their interactions with the environment. Designed for agriculture and pre-pharmacy majors. (Fall)

BIOL 218 Genetics & Molecular Biology

P: BIOL 117, 119 and CHM 116 or signature of instructor. The course will cover the principles of classical and molecular genetics. Mendelian inheritance, linkage, gene interaction and chromosomal aberrations, nucleic acids structure, gene function (replication, transcription and translation), mutation and repair, regulation of gene expression, genetic engineering. The laboratory experiments include: Mendelian genetics and three point test-cross linkage mapping in Drosophila, allozyme analysis in fish, plasmid DNA extraction, agarose gel electrophoresis,  physical mapping by endonuclease restriction analysis, plant DNA extraction and gene isolation by polymerase chain reaction (PCR). This course is only open to science majors. Instructor's signature is required for non-biology majors. (Spring)

BIOL 506 Human Molecular Genetics

P: BIOL 218; one semester of organic chemistry or biochemistry or signature of instructor. A molecular characterization of the human genome; the molecular basis of human genetic diseases that are due to biochemical defects and chromosomal abnormalities; molecular approaches in diagnosis of human disorders; mapping of human genes; gene therapy.

BIOL 509 Molecular Biology and Applications

P: BIOL 218, CHM 254 or CHM 533 or instructor signature required. Recombinant DNA methods will be covered; how molecular biology methods have enhanced our understanding of basic biological functions and structures; the applicability of molecular biology knowledge and techniques.

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FNR 103 Introduction to Environmental Conservation

Introduction to ecological principles, history of conservation, natural resource management, human impacts on the environment, and environmental ethics.  This course is for all students interested in an introductory natural resource/environmental science elective


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