My laboratory is interested in using a molecular genetic approach to study the regulation of plant metabolism.   We have isolated several mutants of the crucifer Arabidopsis thaliana that carry mutations in the genes encoding key regulatory enzymes involved in the biosynthesis of the branched-chain amino acids, isoleucine, valine, and leucine.  Several mutant alleles encoding for acetolactate synthase (csr1-3 and csr1-4) and for threonine dehydratase/deaminase (omr1) have been isolated, characterized and a few such mutations have led to overproduction of free amino acids.  Recently, we have isolated and characterized full length cDNAs for isopropylmalate synthase (IPMS), the regulatory enzyme of leucine biosynthesis.  We are currently characterizing  IPMS  at the molecular and biochemical levels.   In addition, we have also used a mutation induction approach to study the uptake and salvage of pyrimidine bases and their nucleosides.  A new uracil transporter locus FOR1 has been isolated by selecting Arabidopsis mutants resistant to fluoroorotic acid.  The Arabidopsis mutant for1/for1 has been characterized.

A new area of research in my laboratory is the use of mutant or transgenic plants in the extraction and uptake of lead from contaminated soil (phytoremediation). We are interested in identifying promoters and mutant genes that enhances a plant's ability to uptake, translocate and accumulate lead  from soil.

F2 progeny of the cross FOR1/FOR1  X  for1/for1 segregating for fluoroorotic acid resistance as a single recessive gene (3 sensitive: 1 resistant).  Growing medium contains fluoroorotic acid and resistant plants are able to grow normal shoots and roots.
Arabidopsis transformants selected based on expressing the dominant selectable marker csr1-3 (triazolopyrimidine resistance)Positive transformants are easily observed at the cotyledonous stage immediately after germination displaying normal green cotyledons and normal roots among the dead sensitive non-transformants.  omr1 and csr1-4 (not shown here) are also strong dominant selectable markers for plant transformation.


One of our newly isolated promoters fused to GUS and showing strong expression in root tips, shoot tips and the reproductive cells of the flower.


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