Dr. Ahmed Mustafa's Home Page

Ahmed Mustafa
B.Sc. Honors, M.Sc.,  Ph.D., Diploma in University Teaching

Associate Professor,  Department of Biology
Director, Life Science Resource Center
Co-Director, Regional Science Olympiad

Indiana University Purdue University Fort Wayne (IPFW)


Professional Profile

As a scientist, I am passionate about teaching and research. My teaching and research interests converge and strengthen one another.  My teaching areas are physiology and pharmacology, and the focus of my research is stress physiology of cultured aquatic animals. Specifically, I study the physiological, endocrinological, and immunological changes in stressed animals that affect their growth, reproduction, and disease resistance. The experience and knowledge gained from my research often supports my teaching. My objectives for teaching through research include developing skills for critical thinking, problem solving, analysis, synthesis, and effective communication.  


Below is a list of courses I teach. If you are currently enrolled in one of the courses that I teach, you can access the syllabus, lecture outlines, lecture notes, exams, grades, and other supporting materials via Blackboard Learn using your IPFW login and password.

Academic Service

Below is a list of services that I provide to my students, department, college, and university:


  • Beta Beta Beta, the Biological Honors Society- Faculty Advisor
  • Bangladesh Students’ Association at IPFW - Faculty Advisor


Campus/Departmental Committee Service

  • Biohazard Committee
  • Biology Department Graduate Committee
  • Biology Department Seminar Committee
  • Biology Department Welfare Committee
  • Faculty Senate (2002-2008)


  • Trainer For Alcohol Intervention Procedures (TIPS)

Recent Awards/Honors

Below is a list of awards/honors that I received during my tenure at IPFW:

  • The Honor Society of Phi Kappa Phi- Membership, 2009 (Vice President, IPFW Chapter)
  • Students' Choice Award for Teaching Excellence- IPFW Student Government Association, 2008
  • Teacher of the Year- Sigma Xi- The Scientific Research Society, IPFW Chapter Award, 2007
  • Honored Lifetime Membership- Cambridge Who's Who, 2007
  • Service to Students - IPFW Community Advisory Council Award, 2005
  • Advisor of the Year- IPFW Student Government Association Award, 2004
  • Sigma Xi -The Scientific Research Society Membership, 2002

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