Matt Parker Matt Parker
Continuing Lecturer
Department of Computer Science & Information Systems
Indiana University-Purdue University, Fort Wayne (IPFW)
2101 East Coliseum Blvd, ET 125
Fort Wayne, IN 46805
parkermc at


CS 112Survey of Computer ScienceF2017, Su2017, Sp2017, F2016, Su2016, Sp2016, F2015, Su2015, Sp2015, F2014
CS/IST 203Advanced Visual BasicF2017, Sp2017, F2016, Sp2016, F2015, Sp2015, F2014
CS 114/IST 140Visual BasicSu2017, Su2016, Su2015, Sp2015, F2014
CS 160Introduction to Computer Science IF2017
CS/IST 292Programming in C#F2017, Sp2017, F2016, Sp2016, F2015, Sp2015
CS 229C/C++ for EngineersF2016, F2015
IST 340Business Process ManagementSp2017, Sp2016, Sp2015
CS 460/465Senior Design Project2017-2018, 2016-2017
IST 492Penetration Testing for Information SystemsSu2017, Sp2017
CS 368/IST 440Human-Computer InteractionF2014

Interest Areas



IPFW High School Programming Challenge

The IPFW High School Programming Challenge is a year-long competition consisting oFbi-weekly programming challenges.
If you have questions regarding the IPFW High School Programming Challenge, feel free to email me!
Official IPFW Link (navigate to HS Programming Competition tab)
My Link

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