Overview of Biology 203 and 204

    Biology 203 is the first semester of a two-semester introduction to the human body. The course begins with cells and tissues, and then presents the organ systems:  skin, bones, muscles, the nervous system (about one third of the course), the endocrine system, and the blood.   A two-hour lab provides hands-on anatomy work with a large variety of excellent, detailed, life-size models.   The two hours of lecture weekly are used to orient the student to the physiology (function) of these systems.  For a complete overview of the course, refer to the Biology 203 Syllabus on the Home Page.

    Biology 204 is the second semester of the sequence.   The topics presented are the lymphatic system and immunity, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the cardiovascular system, metabolism, the urinary system,  the reproductive systems, and development.  Like the first semester, a two-hour lab provides for a hands-on approach to the anatomy of the systems considered, using mainly detailed, life-sized models.  For a complete overview of the course, you can refer to the Biology 204 Syllabus on the Home Page.

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