Biology 204 Lab PowerPoint Illustrations

Strategies for Success in the Biology 204 Laboratory

Lab 1:  Digestive System

Lab 2: Lymphatic System, Body Cavities and Serous Membranes

Lab 3:  Respiratory System

Lab 4:  The Human Heart  

Urinary System and Blood Pressure Measurement

 Diffusion, Osmosis, and Filtration

Male and Female Reproductive Systems

 Arteries, Veins, and Fetal Circulation, Heart Review

Principles of Genetics

Principles of Genetics Supplement


Lab Photos

These photos are provided courtesy of former lab instructor Ali Okihiro.

Digestive System

Lymphatic System and Serous Membranes

Respiratory System

The Human Heart

Urinary System

Reproductive Systems

Blood Vessels and Fetal Circulation


Quizzes and Practicals

Biology 204 Grading Standards

Lab Practical Instructions