The Original New Variorum Shakespeare

contained 27 volumes, with many updates and supplements. Horace Howard Furness (1833-1912) oversaw the enterprise along with his son, Horace Howard Furness Jr. (1865-1930).

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The photograph below is Mr. Furness in his study at Lindenshade, his home in Wallingford, PA, c. 1900. His son, H. H. Furness, Jr., edited the previous Variorum edition (v1913).


v1871 Romeo and Juliet, ed. Furness [1]

v1873 Macbeth, ed. Furness [2]

v1877 Hamlet, v.1, ed. Furness [3]

v1877 Hamlet, v.2, ed. Furness [4]

v1880 [4th ed.] Lear, ed. Furness [5]

v1886 [2nd ed.] Othello, ed. Furness [6]

v1888 [1892 rpt.] Merchant of Venice, ed. Furness [7]

v1890 [1892 rpt.] As You Like It, ed. Furness [8]

v1895 Tempest, ed. Furness [9]

v1895  Midsummer Night’s Dream, ed. Furness [10]

v1898 Winter’s Tale, ed. Furness [11]

v1900 Much Ado about Nothing, ed. Furness [12]

v1901 Twelfth Night, ed. Furness [13]

v1904 Love’s Labour’s Lost, ed. Furness [14]

v1907 Antony and Cleopatra, ed. Furness [15]

v1908 Richard III, ed. Furness [16]

v1913 Julius Caesar, ed. Furness Jr.[17]

v1913 Cymbeline, ed. Furness [18]

v1919 King John, ed. Furness Jr. (19)

v1928 Coriolanus, ed. Furness Jr. [20]

v1936 1H4, ed. Hemingway [21]

v1938 Poems, ed. Rollins [22]

v1940 2H4, ed. Shaaber [23]

v1944 Sonnets, ed. Rollins, vol. 1 [24]

v1944 Sonnets, ed. Rollins, vol. 2 [snippet] [25]

v1953 Troilus and Cressida, ed. Hillebrand [26]

v1955 Richard II, ed. Black [27]